Canterbury’s brilliant builds

Distinctive Designs

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Canterbury architects have a well-established reputation for designing high-quality and inventive housing.


Here are some stunning examples of winning architectural designs from the New Zealand Institute of Architects’ awards, which set a benchmark for the country’s buildings and recognises the contribution of architects to their towns and communities. 

Black Rock House

This Sheppard and Rout Architects’ designed home has a “bunker-like appearance evocative of the old gun emplacements located around the harbour,” the jury said. “On entering however, the feel of the house is completely different. It has expansive views of the harbour and a sense of lightness and airiness.” Photo by Jason Mann.


Ellis House

This earthquake rebuild in Fendalton is another award-winning Sheppard and Rout creation. “A light, airy, contemporary form replaces a Georgian-style brick home, while meeting the mandatory requirement to maintain a similar size and footprint,” the jury said. Photo by Jamie Armstrong.


Endberg House

Enberg House, designed by Mitchell Stout Dodd Architects, is described as “simple yet sophisticated”. The house, one of the final works by David Mitchell who passed away in April this year, is “an expression of a higher level of architectural achievement,” the jury said. Photo by Lucas K Doolan.


Rhodes House

Christchurch practice PRau received two awards. One was for Rhodes House, a project described by the architect as a “Cabinet of curiosities”. “The devil may be in the details, but in this case the detailing has enabled the basics to work,” the jury said. Photo by Hazel Redmond.


Mt Pleasant House

Borrmeister Architects’ Mt Pleasant House was described as “A confident rebuild that squeezes the potential from a tricky hillside corner site. It is a confident rebuild that squeezes the potential from a tricky hillside corner site.”


By: Jamie Quinn