Contemporary bathroom concepts

Distinctive Designs

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As homeowners spend more time at home during the pandemic, many individuals are increasingly looking to create an oasis of wellbeing at the heart of their home – somewhere that they can enjoy as a private retreat to de-stress and unwind.

Among the most popular trends when it comes to home improvements, investing in a well-designed bathroom is one of the best ways for maximizing the potential of both your home’s value and your quality of life.

Aesthetically in 2022, design preferences in bathrooms will continue to be more contemporary and futuristic in style.

This speaks of clean lines, minimal detailing and the warmth and texture of natural finishes, which feels very European in style and scale.

Specifically, the influence of natural and organic materials is expected to increase in popularity in bathroom design over the next three years; a significant departure from a National Kitchen & Bath Association 2019 study, where this same design style ranked 10th.

“We expect designs for both the kitchen and bath to continue trending toward a more modern, organic feel that is both streamlined and adaptable,” says Bill Darcy, NKBA CEO.

Bringing the outdoors in, is indeed a rising trend in bathroom design – be it larger windows framing lush green foliage, or a skylight to illuminate the room, making the space feel that much taller.

Though nowhere, does a space achieve more peak transparency than with a ceiling-to-floor glass shower; natural light washing in and around. 

In 2022, connection between water and wellbeing has never been easier with waterfall shower heads and walk-in showers to replace bulkier units.

Interestingly, traditional design, which has continually been voted as one of the top three bathroom styles for over a decade, is now projected to be one of the least popular.

While large, luxurious tiled showers remain an exercise in crisp modernity, green plant walls are what’s trending right now – and they’re particularly functional in wet areas, given the steam and damp helps to create the humid conditions that these plants thrive in. Allowing you the sense of being at one with nature.

Surprisingly, at the other end of the spectrum of contemporary bathroom concepts lies home automation.

Whilst it may seem to directly contradict the trend of keeping things au naturel, smart technology promises to put the control at your fingertips and to make your bathroom work better for you.

From de-misting mirrors, integrated charging and USB ports, LED temperature displays and automatic hand-wipe sensors, the bathroom is a haven for smart technology. Who could resist?

A seamless bathroom design can help you fulfil your everyday needs with efficiency as well as giving you a relaxing space to unwind after a long day.

Keep in mind, bathrooms can be expensive to renovate and replace, which is why it’s important to get it right the first time round.

Whilst some trends come and go, some will stand the test of time. Though that green plant wall might be aesthetically appealing, it also sounds like a beacon for creepy crawlies in the shower – taking the return to nature theme a bit too literally!

So long as you keep functionality and durability in mind, you can’t really go wrong.

By: Jamie Quinn