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A six-bedroom masterpiece by Michelle Gillbanks

This kitchen was designed for a new holiday home, located on a beautiful waterway in the Coromandel, by Michelle Gillbanks of Kitchens by Design in Auckland.


The warm and welcoming space features organic and earthy hues, materials and textures.


The space is the hub of the six-bedroom home, sitting centre stage, adjacent to exterior decking and the busy waterway activities and views.


Clever Use of Space and Focal Points

The clients required a storage capability for up to 10 guests to accommodate holiday food, platters and wine and beer.


This storage requirement was translated into a large, working scullery that houses a large fridge and freezer to fit prepared platters and leftovers, and tall storage for excess food and drinks.


It received two awards at the NKBA 2019 Excellence in Design Awards: Auckland Chapter Kitchen Recognition Award, and Supreme Kitchen Design First Runner-Up.


Judges described the design as a clever use of space. “It is particularly nice to see a wall without appliances as a focal point and the plant detail is a lovely addition.


Cohesive Material Combinations and Textural Warmth

“Materials and colour combinations are successful, including the use of natural timber with the grain popping against the concrete.


“There is a warmth to the design, with a great use of texture. Everything works cohesively in the space even the way the bar stools match the floor and the shelving.”


Title: WaterWays Kitchen

Region: Auckland

Awards: Auckland Chapter Kitchen Recognition Award, Supreme Kitchen Design First Runner-Up

By: Jamie Quinn