Hakarimata Haven by Holcroft Prestige Limited

Distinctive Designs

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Hakarimata Haven

This unique home in north Hamilton boasts breathtaking views of the Hakarimata Range, but neighbouring properties could potentially intrude. The architects cleverly addressed this by using the building’s form to create distinct outdoor zones.

On the north side, a sheltered outdoor area opens onto a tranquil lawn, offering a private haven. To the west, an elevated deck provides the perfect spot to soak in stunning evening sunsets over the nearby gully.


Craftsmanship Meets Design


Beyond its ingenious layout, the home is a testament to superior craftsmanship. Identical gables with vertical cedar cladding, recessed brickwork, and a sleek matte grey roof create a cohesive and stylish exterior. Bespoke gutters add a touch of refined detail.


Intuitive Layout, Seamless Flow


Stepping inside the 360sqm home, you’ll find an intuitive layout that minimises wasted space. Communal areas seamlessly connect with private spaces, offering both togetherness and tranquillity. A dedicated wing with four bedrooms comfortably accommodates grown children or visiting guests.

The clean, modern aesthetic continues indoors. The kitchen exemplifies this with its muted tones and sleek lines. Yet, these stylish spaces never lose sight of the connection to the outdoors, offering private escapes to enjoy the captivating views.



Dining Living










Source: House Of The Year

By: Jamie Quinn

Photos Provided by: Paula Smith

Designer: Holcroft Prestige Limited