Hillend Station House by Condon Scott Architects

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Hillend Station House

Imagine a house nestled amidst a working farm, offering the tranquillity of rural life alongside the convenience of nearby Wanaka township. This is Hillend Station House, designed by Condon Scott Architects to capture the breathtaking alpine vistas that surround it.


Capturing the Landscape

The architects strategically placed windows throughout the house to frame these panoramic views. Bedrooms and hallways feature glimpses of the mountains and surrounding countryside, while open living areas boast expansive windows that take full advantage of the vast landscape.


Farmhouse Design with Modern Touches

Inspired by the farmhouse aesthetic, the building itself features connected gables that house the three bedrooms and a separate guest room. The material selection reflects both the rural setting and the client’s preferences, echoing a previous successful collaboration with Condon Scott Architects on a project called Buchanan Rise. Cedar cladding adds warmth, schist stone provides a sense of solidity, and metal roofing offers a low-maintenance contrast.


This warmth extends indoors, with timber lining the walls and ceilings, hardwood floors underfoot, and a chunky schist fireplace as a focal point. The design also prioritises sun management. Louvred windows, sheltered outdoor areas, and sliding doors on both sides of the living space allow for natural airflow and enjoyment of the sunshine while also providing a cool retreat during the summer.


Hillend Station House is a perfect example of a home that reflects its environment. It offers a spacious and enduring haven for the homeowners and their guests, allowing them to connect with the beauty of the surrounding mountains and farmland.










Builder: Wanaka Builder

By: Jamie Quinn

Photos Provided by: Simon Larkin

Designer: Condon Scott