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Angular planes and crisp lines overlap and converge in a series of vanishing points that twist around the façade as if the building is forever in motion.

No surface is perpendicular to any other yet the offset faces and acute edges of seamed steel come together with engineered precision.

Its dramatic design by First Light Studio draws inspiration from the clients’ love of European supercars – specifically the all-powerful Maserati.

The inside plays with contrasting materials that create a warm, inviting effect – textured concrete walls embrace rich timber interiors.

Black steel accents offset different textures and colours to connect it all together seamlessly. As First Light Studios puts it: “Monochromatic city slickness plays off against the rich colour and warmth of natural materials.”

First Light Studios director, Nick Officer says, “This house is indeed a building of dualities: it’s entirely static construction of solid surfaces manage to achieve a dynamic fluidity, sculpted inside and out with hard and durable materials that look soft, tactile and malleable.”

This high-end, sculptural geometry takes contemporary homes to another level – a family home anyone could sink their teeth into.