Registered Master Builders Awards: Supreme House Of The Year Over $1 Million

Distinctive Designs

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The Z-Shaped Winner Grounded in History

This incredible Z-shaped Christchurch house, embodies a blend of history, resilience, and sustainability. Spanning 950sqm, the architectural marvel stands as a testament to the potential of cutting-edge architecture and high-end materials combined with a deep respect for the past.


The site was once home to a large two-storey, multi-generational family house. This home, filled with memories and history, unfortunately fell victim to the devastating 2011 earthquakes. The architectural firm RTA Studio was tasked with designing a new home that would pay homage to the old one. The new design incorporated elements from the past — brick, an orangery, a pool, a tennis court, and a strong connection to the well-established garden.


Designing a Sustainable Future

The new home was not only to reference the past but also serve the future. Sustainability was a key factor in the design to ensure the house would serve the planet as well as generations to come. The house features a low-energy heating and light system, solar panels, high levels of insulation, and low water use. Natural ventilation, warm-roof technology, and biophilia (nature-connected) principles were also employed, reflecting the home’s commitment to eco-friendly living.


Inside The House Of The Year

Spread along the diagonal wing of the house are five bedrooms, while the top horizontal part houses the gym, garage, kids’ lounge, and laundry. The bottom stretch of the house encompasses living spaces, kitchen, scullery, and a linked outdoor barbecue area and entertaining zone. This layout provides a comfortable and functional living space for the whole family.


The work-of-art home, crafted by John Creighton Builders, boasts numerous highlights, many of which can’t be seen. For instance, the warm-roof system includes acoustic fabric and cedar battens with secret clips. These hidden features add to the unique charm and architectural brilliance of the house.


By: Jamie Quinn