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Embodying the skill and artistry that goes into the century- old technique of glassblowing, ADesignStudio’s crackle glass offers lighting that provides striking visuals in both form and luminosity.

The award-winning lighting design and manufacturing practice presents an assortment of handblown crackle glass lights that create spectacular light patterns in a given space.

The Crackle Wall Light adds drama and intrigue wherever it is hung. The gently curved form of the crackle glass fitting pushes light back onto the wall in shard-like reflections.

These unique radiating motifs transform the lights into true pieces of art, defining the interior with their sculptural configuration and expressive dappled hues.

Every piece offers an organic textural effect, meaning that regardless of size, no Crackle Wall Light is the same.


ADesignStudio is an award-winning lighting design and manufacturing practice led by founder and Creative Director, Alex Fitzpatrick.

The studio is based in Sydney, Australia, and distributes internationally. The studio’s collections reveal a distinctly expressive approach to transforming space with light,

using both traditional skills (glassblowing and metalworking) and contemporary lighting and manufacturing technologies, to find a perfect balance between the scientific and the poetic.

As a design-focus practice, ADesignStudio, works with lighting designers, architects and interior designers to create customisations within the product range for larger projects.

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By: Jamie Quinn