The Modern Architectural Masterpiece Of Parsons House

Distinctive Designs

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Situated on Mt Pleasant, Parsons House is a private residence that harmoniously blends into the site’s existing dense foliage while offering panoramic views of the estuary and Christchurch City.


A Private Retreat Amidst Mt Pleasant’s Natural Beauty

The house design features two wings that pivot towards the north, providing shelter and privacy from the southern environment, all while embracing the northern sun and expansive views. The enclosing shape offers a sense of secrecy and privacy from the southern street front, further emphasised by a mysterious entrance hidden amidst the foliage.


A Unique Entrance Design Mimicking an Estuary Pier

The entrance bridge, designed to mimic an estuary pier, provides a surprising entrance point that weaves through the existing mature bush to reach the house, preserving as much of the mature foliage as possible.


Upon entering, one is immediately drawn north by the framed estuary views and a sculptural timber ceiling that extends upwards towards a central skylight. This architectural feature aims to open and soften the living space, creating a more spacious atmosphere in a more intimate area.


The Exterior Design Elements of Parsons House

The house’s exterior is primarily clad with a metal tray profile, adding to its secrecy. Softer vertical timber cladding is introduced to areas of occupancy and vulnerability, such as the entrance and the northern outdoor living area beneath the canopy, enhancing the home’s protective shield.


The home’s performance is optimised through its high insulation values, external insulation of the thermal mass, controlled thermal gain, and enhanced cross-ventilation using the chimney effect between the low-lying south windows and skylight during summer.


Design by MC Architecture Studios

Photos via MC Architecture Studios