A Moody Interior by Bespoke Interior Design

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A Moody Interior by Bespoke Interior Design

This remarkable waterfront design was achieved by using innovative renovation techniques; the team at Bespoke Interior Design was able to restore this groundbreaking home to its original design and architectural integrity.


A Scenic Cliff Top Retreat

The project was situated on a scenic cliff top north of Auckland, originally designed by Hillery Priest Architecture. This location provided a stunning backdrop for the home, but the design had lost its original charm and character over the years due to various alterations.

Over time, the home had undergone numerous changes. The design had strayed significantly from its origins. By the time the team was introduced to the project, it was no longer in line with the architect’s original vision. This deviation was a clear indication that the home needed a makeover to restore its former glory.


Challenge Accepted by Bespoke Interior Design

The team’s challenge was to restore the original elegance of this home in the most economical way possible. They had to respect the original architectural form and language while making necessary changes to bring the home back to its original design.

By utilising some smart strategies, the team stripped the coastal house back to its fundamental elements. This process involved a careful review of the existing structure, understanding the original design intent, and then making strategic changes to reinstate the dominance of the architectural form and language.


A Streamlined Moody Colour Scheme

They used a streamlined colour scheme to modernise the home within budget. This approach allowed them to create a cohesive look and feel throughout the home, while also ensuring that the renovation stayed within the budget.

Additionally, the introduction of new stone slabs, 100% recycled mosaic tiles, and fresh coats of paint allowed them to retain all the original kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. This was a significant part of the project, as it ensured that the home’s original character was preserved.

Water feature Bathroom Stairs before formal dining area Living Living 2 Lighting Kitchen Kitchen 2 Exterior Formal dining


By: Jamie Quinn

Photos Provided by: Kevin Smith

Designer: Bespoke Interior Design
Architects: Hillery Priest Architecture