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Southen Builders

The bespoke design won a gold award at the Master Builders’ House of the Year Awards 2021 – a reflection of what Southen Builders owner Tom Southen says his company is all about – providing attention to detail, great communication, craftsmanship and organisation skills.


Bespoke Design Prioritises Views

The Glen Bay project showcases a stunning view of the Akaroa Harbour. Despite being so successful, the home was quite a challenging build, as the area is quite steep. The previous owners thought the section was too difficult to build on, and it sat dormant for 18 years.

“The build process was very straightforward. The client took me to the site before purchasing to see my thoughts on whether the land could be built on with its steep aspect and next to no access. From there, we engaged an architect, priced the build, and began on-site a short time later,” Tom says.

He says it was difficult to access the steep and narrow area, and it was even harder when a pool was added halfway through the build.

The 180-square-metre sun-shining, north-facing house has quite a distinctive design. Its big triangular roof sticks out, allowing enough sun to enter but simultaneously protecting parts of the house from the sun.

The roof is made of steel, and the steel beams support the deck and suspended polished concrete in the middle of the floor. The large concrete block walls create structural firmness, which was needed as the section previously had too much excavation.

The two-storey building with light-ply ceilings was meant to be a batch for the current owners. After completing the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house, the homeowners fell in love with it and made it their home.


Weir Architecture Creates Unique Design

Managing director of Weir Architecture, Robert Weir, is the man behind the architectural design of the home.

The inspiration behind designing the home came from making sure the design “maximised the views out onto the Akaroa Harbour while borrowing from the hills surrounding it,” Robert says.

He also says the stylised angled roof and deck forms were used to create interest, challenge people’s perception and dress up what was a very simple floor plan layout.

The house was designed to capture the harbour views (full-height glazing) while maintaining privacy by having a projecting deck.









By: Natasha Parrant

Photos Provided by: Southern Builders

Designer: Weir Architecture
Builder: Southern Builders