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New Zealand stone is in high demand as people increasingly prefer to shop local.

We’re hearing from customers that as the overseas shipping costs for alternative materials increase and as delivery times extend, genuine Central Otago schist is a clear winner next to the imported products that aim to match it.

Locally sourced schist is a reliable and time-tested product. We’re proud to have supplied stone to architects and stonemasons who have created stunning properties with their clients. The gallery on our website shows a few of our favourites:

If you’ve never built with stone before we understand the idea of finding the right look can feel daunting, so we created a style guide on our website to help specify It shows everything we can supply in one place and helps to narrow down a style. It’s worth noting that due to increasing popularity, it pays to specify stone product early and to confirm it with the stonemason and/or quarry preferably at least 6 months ahead of requiring the stone.

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By: Jamie Quinn