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When buying a home, homeowners wonder if an architect’s house build and/or renovations are worth the money.

Fortunately, an Australian study by The University of Melbourne and Architeam Co-operative in 2018 found small-practice architects provide better value for money than non-architect designed homes on the property market.

The project assessed architects’ profits from the sales of properties or investments made within the Melbourne property market.

Researchers found architect-designed homes were held for 1.1 years longer than non-architectural homes on average.

The architect-designed homes improved in value by 1.2 percent each year – more than non-architect-designed homes.

To read more go to: https://architectureau.com/articles/architect-led-house-renovations-deliver-value-for-money-study-finds.

In terms of New Zealand, Westpac New Zealand digital content specialist, Ryan Boyd, shared via REDnews the difference between a draftsman and an architect to figure out which is better value for its money.

Ryan found from TradeSkills Auckland managing director, Gerald Mannion, that a draftsman is better for a simple project that needs building consent.

Draftsmen need to source architects and engineers, prepare plans, and the practicalities before doing renovations like adding in extra windows, doors, a new bathroom, decks over 1.5 metres, room garages, and sleep-outs.
Architects are better suited for more complicated projects like a house or commercial building.

These experts plan, design, and oversee the construction process, but their designs cost more because they communicate with the client about everything from the planning stage to the project completion.

They have a lot of experience in the creativity and science behind the building design process, such as the responsibility of how safe the buildings are, the occupants living in them, and must be licensed professionals.

Draftsmen have trained for two years at a technical institute, whereas architects studied their master’s for five years at university.

The cost of an architect in New Zealand depends on the architect as each company is different. 

In general, the cost is based on a percentage value of the whole project value (depending on project type, size, and time).

Most architects charge 10 percent of the final building cost, but for the drawings, they could charge four to six percent of the cost – whereas draftsmen (only looking after the drawings) will charge one to three percent of the final building costs, says Gerald.

New Zealand Institute of Architects CEO Teena Pennington says an architect is best to utilise “the maximum value” of your money.

“Architects are equipped to deal with everything… planning and consent, contractors and the council, and other professional consultants such as engineers and surveyors.”

Architects offer solutions within the budget as they know what’s worthy and what’s not when it comes to design and construction, she says.

“You’re getting a design tailored to your circumstances.

“Others might offer lower fees, but investing a bit more in design, in considering and costing options, and in getting things right at the start will pay off during construction and after completion.

“You’ll get a result that works for you, and one that adds value to your property.”

read more head to: https://www.westpac.co.nz/rednews/architect-vs-draftsman.