Take A Tour Of A Remarkable Waikato Showhome

Distinctive Designs

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When it comes to designing one-off original homes, Design Builders Waikato has developed an enviable reputation for their stylish, imaginative, and innovative approach. This well-earned recognition in the industry isn’t by chance; rather, it’s the result of their consistent dedication to creating designs that push the boundaries of conventional architecture. Their most recent Waikato showhome design is a testament to this commitment.


Showcasing Creativity in Waikato Showhome Design

The exterior is a visual delight with a beautifully clean and modern aesthetic. Enhanced by remarkable vertical and horizontal painted cladding, the design cleverly plays with geometric forms to create a home that not only fits snugly into the landscape but also makes a bold design statement.

The use of timber is particularly noteworthy. The natural material, known for its warmth and versatility, has been used to combine a variety of textures that create a stunning visual effect.


Aesthetics and Functionality is a Design Builders Speciality

One of the most captivating aspects of the interior is the consistent use of an arch motif. This design element is cleverly woven into the architecture of the home. The arches are not only visible in the structure of the rooms but also in the beautiful feature windows, creating a rhythm that guides you through the space. This subtle repetition of form adds an element of surprise and interest, showcasing the attention to detail that has been invested in this design.


The result is a Waikato showhome design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and inviting. It’s a space that is meant to be lived in and enjoyed, a place where every room tells a story and every detail invites you to stop, look, and appreciate.


By: Jamie Quinn