Waterfront Dream Home by DC Builders

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Waterfront Dream Home

This grand 1860s waterfront property has undergone an extensive and respectful renovation, transforming it into a luxurious dream home. No longer a simple four-bedroom house, it showcases a thoughtfully designed layout offering both grand entertaining spaces and cosy nooks for quiet moments.  The original 400 sqm footprint has been significantly expanded with new wings and a double garage seamlessly integrated. While around 80 percent of the existing structure was carefully demolished to make way for the new, the exterior retains its heritage charm with traditional weatherboards and salvaged brick details.


Smart Design Maximises Space


Inside, an impressive entrance sequence leads to a grand foyer, perfect for a grand piano.  Multiple living areas, including a mezzanine games room above the garage, provide ample space for family gatherings and entertaining. A sleek, all-black kitchen by Studio Italia caters to both intimate meals and larger soirees. Bi-fold doors open to sprawling rosewood decks and verandas exceeding 50 sqm, complete with a fireplace and a picturesque courtyard, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.  This exceptional home offers the perfect blend of modern luxury and timeless heritage, ideal for families who cherish togetherness and tranquillity.












Source: House Of The Year

By: Jamie Quinn

Photos Provided by: Jessica Chloe Gernet

Designer: DC Builders